5-3-00 A Call To Pray: Messages of Hope in Times of Despair


  1. Karleen Pelletier says:

    Such a timely, inspiring word! Yes! Pray without ceasing! (I love when you and Peg tag team) 😊

  2. Robert “Roy” Hubble says:

    Thank you Bill and Peg for a message that is forever important to all who want to hear from God. Reminding all of us to humbly coming to him constantly in prayer . Thanks for your faithfulness to deliver the message to the body of believers.

  3. Robert Roy Hubble says:

    Thanks Bill and Peggy for the message. It was beautiful. We all need to humbly come to the Father and pray consistently. Thoughtfully bringing those things that are on our minds. Hold fast to the promises he has so freely given us as his children.

    • Bill Williams says:

      Amen! Thank you so much Roy, we are so grateful and privileged to have such a close relationship with our heavenly Father.

  4. judith a norris says:

    Thank you, GOD!! ps: Happy Birthday to Pastor Bill, God Bless you


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