4-26-20 Where Are My People part 2


  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you Pastor Bill and Peggy. This sermon was so helpful for the time we are in. I intend to put into practice the points you both made and to draw closer to the Father during this time of isolation. God bless!

  2. Vicki Greenwood says:

    Pastor Bill,
    I have heard Peggy share prior about shyness being not the opposite of pride but another form of pride.
    Much like pride being a 2 sided coin and extreme arrogance on one side and extreme shyness on the other (description of my understanding)
    This word was also backed up for me personally through a few others in the church, particularly Keith M. It was a Word that I struggled with and still do on a lesser scale today. It became easier for me to share when I would recall asking the Lord, “How do you want me to use the gift you gave me?” Putting my focus more on him than on my fears and worries (which mainly consisted of “what if I’m wrong” or “what if what I’m sharing seems unbiblical”)
    Thank you both for sharing your words today. I am sure this is a word for others as well.

    • Bill Williams says:

      Thank you so much Vicki! I agree with your comment regarding how it becomes easy once you set your eyes on the Lord and share for His glory, without regard to what others may say or think.


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