Check out our Ongoing Ministries page to learn more about Joy Club or our events page to learn about upcoming Family Adventure Club outings.

JOY CLUB is the title of our weekly children’s service that meets during our Adult Worship service. It is led by one of our caring Children’s leaders.This  program is mainly for children ages 6-12.

FAMILY ADVENTURE CLUB is when our Children’s leaders take the kids and family on various activities such as a ‘hobo hike’ to Inspiration Point, an adventure at Jordan’s zip line or pancakes at Heritage Pancake house. This has been on hold due to COVID but we had a wonderful time in May at Heritage Pancake House and Petting Farm. You can come join us for family friendly movies on the 2nd Saturday evening at church at 6:00 pm. We serve free hotdogs, pop corn and beverages. There is no cost so it is a very inexpensive family night out! Be watching for more Family Activities this year ’22’.


  March 16, 2020 – January 1, 2025

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